Effectively combining in a consortium Large Enterprises, SMEs and Academia the Big Data Value eCosystem Project (BDVe) provides coordination and support for the current and future H2020 projects within the Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership.

BDVe directly interfaces with numerous stakeholders, both from inside and outside the PPP to foster a true vibrant community around Big Data in Europe and facilitating the common bodies to discover and exploit synergies at project management level, to jointly contribute to generate a complete Big Data Value Reference Model at technical level, and multiply impact into the different targets at communication level.

To articulate these, BDVe is producing several outcomes in different categories:

• The Big Data Landscape, in which the different actors are featured to show the broad extension and coverage throughout Europe.
People & Talent, including an Educational Hub gathering the academic offering a recognition programme for the different skills and a Mobility Programme aimed to match job offer and demand.
• The Big Data Marketplace, a one-stop shop for platforms, technology and solutions around Big Data in Europe.
Support to the Big Data Value Association, the private side of the PPP, and its key initiatives such as the iSpaces certification program me, the di rect support to SMEs and the Strategic Research and Inno vation Agenda (SRIA) among others.

Finally, BDVe is putting its marketing capabilities at the service of the whole Community to produce the European Big Data Value Forum, the Big Data flagship event of this and the coming years.

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