Big Data Landscape

Industry, Academia, Public Sector and many other actors are committed to maintaining the European Technological Leadership, facing the societal challenges of the usage of Big Data in key sectors. A rich Ecosystem, fuelled by SMEs and Start-up’s, to foster job creation, citizens’ acceptance and prosperity.

Big Data Marketplace

The one-stop shop for platforms, technologies and end solutions around Big Data in Europe. Founded in Research and Innovation activities, including interoperability and standardisation, the Marketplace allows the supply and demand of products and services around Big Data.

People & Talent

Europe is its people. Demanding solutions and providing with talent to the industry. A network of centres of excellence, easy access to information about educational programmes, and schemes for the recognition and assessment of skills ensure the long-term sustainability of the investment in Big Data technologies and solutions.

Big Data Value Association

Representing the private side of the Big Data Value PPP, the BDVA gathers more than 150 large industries, SMEs and research organisations aiming to boost development and innovation around Big Data, continuously improving its perception.